Mesh Plus

Mesh+ is a global LoRa (long range) network built especially for the internet of things and machine to machine communications. Thousands of LoRa devices can be used on Mesh+ network, truly connecting IOT and M2M. LoRa requires very little power so batteries on the devices do not need to be changed for years . Why is it important? For example you have a GPS leash on your dog, GPS is very power hungry and batteries last about a day, if you had a LoRa leash you could forget about the battery for a couple of years and not hours like with GPS. It is especially important for businesses, in some applications its impossible to change or charge batteries – imagine you have a cargo ship with thousands of containers are stacked next to each other without access and each container has multiple devices. It is impossible to charge or change batteries on a daily basis! In addition Mesh+ is the only network that works on a world wide available frequency of 2.4GhZ so if that cargo ship sails to another country, you will still have full control of all of the devices. This is a truly global project and a game changer for the IOT industry!

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17 марта 2022

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