Motivated Remote Team: Myth or Reality?

24 июня Бесплатно

Our Agile Coaches, Olesia Prots and Andriy Romanukha will try to dispel the old myths about the work and management of remote teams. We will prove that it’s possible to create a highly-motivated team even in online mode.

You will get new insights into the motivation and team building for remote team members and will be able to use these practical tips in your projects. As a part of the webinar, we will also introduce you to Moving Motivators from Management 3.0 and the best techniques to use them.

Join our online webinar to skyrocket the performance of your team to a new level.


 50% theory and 50 % practice

 work in groups to enhance gained knowledge


 Scrum Masters

 Project Managers

 Anyone who wants to improve collaboration and motivation in their team


 Olesia Prots - Certified Scrum Master, Certified SAFe PO/PM, Certified SAFe®4 Agilist, Management 3.0 certified

 Andriy Romanukha - Agile Coach, Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions, Certified SAFe Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist


24 июня 18:00